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Minor Characters

This is a show case for the little known characters that most people don't care about, except for obsessive MST fans who spend hours upon hours creating a page that maybe three people will visit...

But we don't know anybody like that, do we? Oh, for clarification, I've divided the minor character's into two categories, re-occurring characters, and characters with notable one-episode appearances..

Re-Occurring Characters

Torgo from the movie Let us start with the most "popular" guest star.. Torgo! Yes, that rascal from episode 424 "Manos the Hands of Fate" is probably the most well infamous of the guest stars. (For Pre-Sci Fi Channel fans only) He's creepy, stutters, walks like he's got something up his pants, and has eye brows are just plain weird. The original Torgo was the side kick for the main creepy guy in "Manos the Hands of Fate" but I guess the Brain's figured that he had some appeal, so during that episode, he (played by then only head writer Mike Nelson) delivered a pizza to the mads.. Then he disappeared for awhile.. Then late in the fifth season he started popping up again, and by the sixth season he was in quite a bit, mostly in bit parts.. Torgo: The Man, the Myth. (Interesting note, the actor (John Reynolds) who played Torgo in the movie "Manos" committed suicide not long after the disastrous premier of the movie.)

The Observers
The Observers get down! Although they haven't been around that long, they are reoccurring characters. And sure, one of them now a regular, but who's counting? Well, in case you didn't know, these are the Observers, (played by Mike Nelson, Bill Corbitt, and Paul Chaplin) are a powerful omnipotent race of beings who's job it is to "observe" they're basically harmless, but they let their scientific aspirations get ahead of them at times, and thus try to kill Mike, the bots, Pearl and Bobo.. Not much. Well, I don't think you'll see any of these characters popping up any time soon, figuring as Mike kinda blew up their world and all... Oh, yeah, the Observer's first appearance was in episode 805 "The Thing That Couldn't Die" and they're last appearance was in episode 809 "The She Creature". RIP: Observers 1996-1996.

Jack Perkins telling about the experiment. Jack Perkins
Yeah, you heard me right, Jack Perkins. You know, the always cheerful host of A&E's Biography. Belive it or not, he is a reacurring character... The first showed up and annoyed the mads, but then suddenly found him self (actually Mike Nelson in heavy make-up playing him.) hosting the Mystery Science Hour for syndication.. And finally, when he got an invite from TV's Frank for Thanksgiving, he showed up at the mads door with three-layered bean dip in hand. Jack Perkins will forever go down as Mike Nelson in extremely heavy make up.

Pitch Apparantly Lays an Egg Pitch
The devil Pitch first appeared in episode 521 "Santa Claus" as the foppish foil to a oddly jolly Mexican Santa Claus, at the end of the episode, he (played by writer Paul Chaplin) got in a sort of a tussle with Santa Claus in Deep 13. He apparantly made such and impression on Frank, that he invited him to Thanksgiving the following year, oh, he entertained the crowd, but fell victim to Mrs Forrester's Turkey Surprise.. Then, apparently, Pitch recovered and got a job selling Devil Dolls in the 500 years after that fateful thanks giving day.. Mike didn't seem to like him. That's about it. Pitch, a devil and a sap. (Bad joke.. Sorry.)

Which brings us strait to the One-Shots... Hope you enjoy.