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The "New" Mads

Pearl looking really evil!

Mrs Pearl Forrester

Pearl is the ring leader of the "new" mads.. She is the only mad to survive from the Comedy Central days.. She made her first appearance in the middle of the sixth season, and replaced TV's Frank after he left. Her first actual appearance on the show was the special Thanksgiving version of episode 701 "Night of the Blood Beast".

Just the facts now, Pearl Forrester is played by Mary Jo Pehl, who has written for the series for quite some time and has played various parts in the past.. Her reception on the show at first was.. Well.. Not very good, (that's putting it mildly) but after Dr Forrester left and she took over, she's started to come out into her own.

Pearl yelling at Mike Mrs. Forrester (I shudder to think of the Mr Forrester) is much, much, more evil than Dr Forrester ever was. Period. She is very, very, very evil. Heck she strangled the second Dr Forrester, and once even un-plugged the power on the SOL allowing alien life forms to try and infiltrate it.. She also seems to have the power to control people like her pair of cohorts Professor Bobo (see below) and the Observer. (again, see below) She occasionally appears to have a soft-side, but it always turns away, she's pure evil in every sense of the word..

In her two seasons she has tormented her son, along with Mike and the bots. (for some reason she knows Crow really well and calls him Art..) Then at the beginning of the eighth season it was revealed that she was cryogenically frozen and dethawed to become the ape lawgiver, well, after Mike blew her planet up, she followed him from planet to planet, picking up the survivors in her ship (A flying VW Bus called the "Widowmaker") and sending movie after movie to Mike and the bots..

Bobo Responding to a Call

Professor Bobo

Dull witted Professor Bobo, heir to the lineage of Cocoa, Dodo, Lolo, and Chim-chim, is.. Er, was the leader of the planet of the apes. He was until the apes (with a big deal of help from Mike) destroyed their planet while fooling around with a thermo-nuclear device (quote Bobo: "What ever that is.") Well, as it turns out, Bobo is very stupid, and is not very clean.

Prof Bobo (A professor in what, I don't know) is played by Kevin Murphy (who also voices Tom Servo) in lots of ape makeup. He's a new addition to the show in this (the eighth) season. After his planet was blown up, he stowed away in Pearl's ship, and has followed her around since.. Oh, but don't get Bobo upset he'll... fling his... doodie at you. Oh, and supposedly, he requires allot of cleaning... One shivers at the thought..

Observer Live from the Planet


Observer belongs to another alien species that Mike has destroyed. Observer is an... Observer, a species that was very very powerful and intelligent, but not too bright at the same time. To quote a famous philosopher "Even the most intelligent of creatures, can be down right stupid." The Observers did everything with their mind, as so, they had no use for bodies (which they had anyway) and thus had their brains in a jar that their bodies held. They also had no need for food, they instead ate pills, how many pills? Several bowls of pills a day, in other words, food.

This paticular Observer was the dummest of the Observers, Observer (played by Bill Corbitt, who also voices Crow) actually had a lower test score than Tom Servo, and had his brain chomped on by Prof Bobo.. He now flies around with Pearl and Bobo in the Widowmaker going from planet to planet and force feeding Mike and the bots movies.. Oh, by the way, that famous philosopher is none other than MST's own Mike Nelson.. Go figure.

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