The "Classic" Mads

Dr F Yelling At Mike

Dr. Clayton Forrester

Where else would we start but with Dr. Forrester.. He was the only facet of the show that didn't chance the whole time they were on comedy central.. In case you didn't know (and what are the chances of that?) Dr Forrester was the one that masterminded shooting Joel into space, and later the one that bonked Mike on the noggin to get him up their.. Dr. F? Was he a megalomaniac? Yup. Was he evil? Not exactly.. Was he odd? You betcha. Would the show of been as good if he wasn't there? Not possible.

The facts now, Dr Forrester was played by Trace Beaulieu (pronounced: your guess is as good as mine..) who also voiced Crow. He was on the show from the early days in KTMA to the final Comedy Central episodes. He left the show before the beginning of the eighth season.

Dr F Trying to Take Over the World Moustached, green coated, hair streaked Dr Forrester would always find some way to try and make those in the satellite suffer, and he would usually fail. In fact, he never succeed.. (Although he got very, very, close sometimes) Never to be out done, he always had some new crazy (but evil) idea to show to the satellite denizens, wether it was an "Unhappy Meal" or just simple "Cranial Ports" he was always inventing..

Dr Forrester's first assistant was Dr Erhardt (see below) who was replaced after the first season by TV's Frank (see below again) who stayed with him until the end of the sixth season. Then, much to his dismay, his mother moved in. At the beginning of the sixth season he introduced "The Umbilicus" a devise that some how attached Deep 13 (his lair) to the SOL.. Eventually a audit back in season five led to his funding being cut at the end of season seven. He let the satellite go to drift into space to the end of the universe. Meanwhile he had dinner with the worst movie ever made, and died but was turned into a star baby for his mother to raise again..

Dr Erhardt Showing Bad Movies

Dr. Larry Erhardt

Dr Erhardt was only with the show for the first season (and presumably the KTMA years too) He was played by Josh Weinstein who also (at the time) voiced Tom Servo. I can't give an in-depth personality review because I haven't seen much of him.. I'll just put in a quote from the MST3K "Amazing Colossal Guide" Here goes: "Dr Larry Erhardt (Josh Weinstein) was Dr. Forrester's first assistant: obsequious and rather dim-witted. Josh Weinstein left the show after the first season, so the character of Dr. Erhardt was pronounced "missing" in order for the show to maintain what little fictional integrity it has." He was replaced by TV's Frank..

Frank Telling Mike What's For

TV's Frank

TV's Frank was a perfect foil for Dr Forrester, not especially evil, he was more just lovably.. (for lack of a better word) Dumb. I'm not insulting him that's what made him great, completely loyal, but not too much, he was Dr Forrester's "lacky" for most of the show's run.

TV's Frank was played by Frank Coniff, who came on the series at the beginning of the second season to replace Dr. Erhardt. His first accomplishment was to rip off Joel's invention.. Okay, he didn't start out great but he caught on. TV's Frank was a child like figure, he seemingly did everything for Dr Forrester, from being the target of many a cruel invention to shaving his head to get him a watch fob for Christmas.. But there was only so much he could take, he didn't mind when he was killed, but if you took his money.. He was an emotional person, who actually cared for the satellite denizens, he actually apologized for a movie once.. (Well, so did Dr F, but it was the same movie)

Frank's last show was the last episode of the sixth season. He ate too much chinese food and his stomach exploded or something.. He died. He was taken away by the angel Torgo to sidekick heaven.. He then pushed the button one last time...

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