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Mike and the Bots Hello!Welcome to my little piece of the enigma known as the internet.. Now this page isn't much yet, and if I don't loose interest or suddenly find something that takes up all my time, this will get better.. If you don't know what Mystery Science Theater 3000 is, I have a question for you, what are you doing here? But, on the small chance that this might be somebodies introduction to the show, I'll explain for you.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 (or MST3K for short) is a television show that has aired on cable for almost a decade. You might of seen it, the show with the guy and the robots silhouetted on the bottom of the screen? You might of kept flipping but you were missing a great show! Here's the premise, (and I admit, it is kind of silly, but read anyway) In the not too distant future, a janitor named Joel was shot into space by his bosses that didn't like him.. Now, it turns out that they are mad scientists that are going to force poor Joel (later replaced by Mike)to watch bad movies in an attempt to take over the world. Okay, I admit, that seems silly, but the premise is for the most part ignored later on. Now, instead of just laying down and watching the movies, resourceful Joel decides to build some robots out of junk that's lying around so he can have some companionship. Now, when the mad scientists send them the movie, Joel and two of the robots (Crow and Tom Servo) make fun of the movie thus defeating the mad scientists plans. Got that? It's allot to swallow, but as they say on the show, it's just a show, and you should relax.

Joel Messes Around

Now onto the bulk of the site..

Well, first you may want to find out who the characters are that make the show so fun..

Or you might want to hear about the changes that have manifested them selves from season to season..

Or perhaps you'd like to find out about the more (in)famous episodes that have appeared on the show..

If you feel like it, you could go to my message board where you can chat with other people.

Of course, you could just meander down to my area on MST3K's presence on the net...

Or perhaps your looking for episodes to purchase/trade for well go to my Tape Trading area..

If you have gotten this far down, you might be happy to know that MST3K airs on the Sci-Fi Channel on saturdays at 5pm with a repeat at 11pm (both times EST)

Mystery Science Theater 3000 and all licences and other related material belong to the Sci-Fi Channel and Best Brains Productions.. This is an unofficial site, don't sue me.