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Crow & Servo

Crow Making A Sales Pitch

Crow T. Robot

Golden plated Crow has changed little in the many years the show has been on the air, sure, the person that provides the voice of Crow has changed, but the character has stayed the same.

Crow is well, hyper young lad. According to something I read, he has the personality of a bright, but hyper eight year old.. I generally agree with this. Crow is excitable, hyperative, really intelligent, but easily distracted and has a tendency not to think things out. But he's not easily brought down, the whole world could be falling apart around him and he'd keep doing what he was doing.. Panicking, more than likely. But, he's stubborn I guess is the word.. He's also real curious and asks quite allot of questions to Joel/Mike..

Crow was played by Trace Beaulieu for the first seven seasons of the show, and the KTMA years. But, after Trace left the series, Bill Corbitt took over the duties of his voice. Crow has been on the show since the very beginning, and is one of only two characters to do so. (The other being Gypsy)

Crow Trying to Escape, Again This little bot has been through quite a bit.. He's been blown up quite a few times, (mostly by Servo who has strafed him, shot a cannon at him, shot a laser at him, and many other things) and he has also injured him self in many other ways (he's been sawed in half, had a fridge crash him, and has been ejected into space, for starters.) Oh, yes, and somewhere in there he was attacked by his evil doppledanger (twice), attempted to get tech support, and has attempted escape many times. Oh, yes, after the SOL drifted to the end of the universe, he got bored after five minutes and came back, hanging around in the SOL and meanwhile forgetting Mike and having his voice changed.. And all that was in-between the seventh and eighth seasons... Oh, by the way, the T stands for 'the'.

Tom Servo

Tom Servo

Servo the magnificent, Servo the excellent, Servo the great, Servo the musician.. Servo is many things, but none of those.. Except the last one, he does sing a whole bunch, and he's pretty good at it too.. Now, I'm not saying that Servo is egotistical. (Which he is) But he is. But there is much, much more to him than just that..

Servo was originally played by Josh Weinstein, but he left after the first season so Kevin Murphy took his place and his been their since. (Some body sent in a big banner that said "I Hate Tom Servo's New Voice!" Kevin liked it so much that it's still hanging in his office..) Servo well, he just tries way to hard.. But don't interfere with his plans! Crow has made that mistake and has paid the price.. But there's one thing about Servo, he has a tendency to either get violent, or just to sit there and cry.. Actually, he cries allot come to think about it...

Servo Up Close and Personal Servo has had a bad habit of loosing his head.. Literally. According to the Best Brains, it's only held on by a little bit of hot glue, and it falls off allot. He also has the bad habit of well, internally exploding so that his "head" fills with smoke.. Well, let's see, after he was turned into pure energy at the end of the universe, Tom Servo apparently did allot. Quite a bit, but he's not telling, but according to him, "I've lived baby." Oh, it turns out that he is really smart, even smarter than Observer! But he just says he "tests well" in a strange bit of humbleness..

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