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The Other Bots

Gypsy! Gypsy

Gypsy is the robot that controls the "higher" functions of the SOL. What that means is basically she keeps the ship running with the right amount of oxygen and keeps it from crashing into the planet below.. But, other than that, she's not seen much.

Gypsy was played by Jim Mallon until half way through the eighth season, but she's now played by Brad Keely.. She has been on the show from the very first show (only her and Crow have been) and until Jim Mallon left a couple of weeks ago, she was the only character not to be replaced or have a new voice.. Well, that no longer wrings true but. Gypsy is pretty much a one-note character, she isn't very well developed, but she doesn't appear to have much of a personality too develop.. Ah well.

Durin the prarie fires.. The Nanites

The Nanites are new to the series in this, it's eigth season. If you've ever watched Star Trek, you would know what nanites are. But, I'm assuming you haven't.. The Nanites are a species of sorts, they are self replicating, bio-engineered organisms that work on the ship. In other words, they are very small little workers, and there about a trillion or so of them.. They've done quite a bit in their brief time on the show, they've booted Servo into orbit, gone on strike strike, fixed the SOL, blew up a planet, and gave Mike a nifty hair cut, then fought Mike's eyelash mites in a "police action." The Nanites are brand new, but you couldn't tell if you only had seen the episodes on Sci-Fi.

Cambot! Cambot & Magic Voice Both of the these characters are less than one-not characters, between the two of them, they might equal out to about .75 of a note, a good 8/9ths of that coming from Magic Voice.. Enough with the math. Cambot has only one function on the show, to show what is happening on the SOL. That's it. And Magic Voice's main job is saying things like "Thirty seconds to commercial sign." And that's about as developed as she gets save for one sketch in episode 516 "The Atomic Brain" where she talked to the creepy voice over guy from the movie.. That's it. It's very hard to write about nothing, but hey, Seinfeld has made quite a career about telling about nothing..

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